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Character NameGP UserRaceClassLevel
LawJeffreyBullock Blood Elf Death Knight80 
MaxusJeffreyBullock Blood Elf Paladin80 
SilvrhawkJeffreyBullock Blood Elf Hunter80 
SindicatedSindicated Blood Elf Paladin80 
SprakJeffreyBullock Blood Elf Priest80 

Welcome to official site of the Almost Raiders guild on the Sisters of Elune server. We're a family oriented progression raiding guild who like to have fun while raiding.

We're very helpful to our members by supplying mats for skill leveling, new 80s get the "Heroic Grind" for their Tier gear, and so on.

We're far from "leet" minded. If you screw up, oh well, we'll do it again and get it right the next time. We're here to help and teach, not scold you.

If you're looking for an application, don't bother. This isn't a job, this is a video game. Like stated before, we're here to have fun and help each other out. If this sounds like your type of guild, feel free to PST me or Kasarugi in-game.
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Guild Progression as of 9/31/2010

Sindicated, Sep 1, 10 4:03 AM.
As of 8/31/210, Almost Raiders have stepped into Icecrown Citadel and downedthe following bosses:

Lord Marrowgar
Lady Deathwhisper
Icecrown Gunship Battle
Deathbringer Saurfang

We will be continueing on 9/1/2010 with our progression. I would like to say good work so far everyone on going 5/12 on our first night!
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